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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Mayweather vs Ortiz Online Live Coverage Streaming

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Star Power: Floyd Mayweather Jr. Versus Victor Ortiz
Saturday, September 17,2011, MGM Grand Arena

Meanwhile you can watch Mayweather Ortiz 24/7 Episode 1-4:

Saturday, September 17, 2011

CompuBox Analysis: Victor Ortiz vs. Floyd Mayweather

The bout between Victor Ortiz and Floyd Mayweather Jr. is rich with story lines. For Ortiz, it's his chance to become a crossover superstar while burying the memories of his disheartening KO loss to Marcos Maidana. For Mayweather, this fight may produce the definitive preamble to the Pacquiao showdown, for Ortiz shares Pacquiao's left-handedness and sudden one-punch KO power. Mayweather is a better than 6 1/2-1 favorite.

Will fans witness the birth of a new PPV money machine and the end of Mayweather's perfect record or will they see another exhibition of "Money's" exquisite skills? Their CompuBox histories offer these potential factors:


Monday, September 12, 2011

Victor Ortiz-Floyd Mayweather: Age will betray Pretty Boy

WBC welterweight champion “Vicious” Victor Ortiz will have a lot of things coming to him this Saturday night, September 17th 2011.

It will be the 24-year old Ortiz first defense of his welterweight belt, which he nabbed after an impressive unanimous decision over then undefeated Andre Berto. It will be Ortiz’s first megafight, as far as the definition of a megafight is concerned. It will be the Mexican-American’s first fight against an elite opposition.

For Floyd Mayweather, it will be another day in the office, despite the last time he clocked in was more than a year ago when he scored a lopsided win over the aging Shane Mosley. But Mayweather, as great as he still is, may be in for a tough night.

At 36 years old, the former pound-for-pound topper who held titles in five different weight classes, may no longer be in the same level as he was a year ago.

As you age, you lose your speed. Or so the adage goes.

And for ring warriors who relied so much on their speed and quick reflexes during their prime, especially when it comes to defense, losing that essential asset as they grow older meant getting tagged more often than they did when they were young.

Roy Jones. Wilfred Benitez. Muhammad Ali.

They were all speed demons. But they didn’t stay that way.

Can the same thing be said about Mayweather? It can be debated. But if glimpses of his training provided by the ever-prying cameras of 24/7 suggest, the guy is still fast. But will he be as fast as he was a year ago? Or is his age dictating his body to go on a slight decline?

If it’s the latter, then slight can be deadly inside the ring.

Ortiz holds a significant advantage in terms of power and youth. The fighter from Garden City, Kansas, a celebrated amateur, is also out to prove himself come fight night.

After beating Berto en route to a world title at welterweight, a victory over Mayweather, will put Ortiz in a perfect position to challenge fellow welterweight beltholder Manny Pacquiao.

But Mayweather is certainly no easy prey. A prizefighter who rightfully belongs to the topmost echelons of the sport, Mayweather boasts of ring acumen and a very phenomenal adjustment rate that enables him to adapt to whatever his opponents bring to the table.

If this was a contest of ring craft superiority and boxing skills, Mayweather should win this fight easily. But it’s hard to discount the heart of a champion and Ortiz has tons of it, as evidenced by the Berto fight. That said, the older Mayweather should be able to beat Ortiz handily.

Should, not would.


Floyd Mayweather attacks Victor Ortiz, Oscar De La Hoya on 24/7

Mayweather vs Ortiz, Mayweather vs Ortiz free Online Coverage, Mayweather vs Ortiz Live Streaming, Mayweather vs Ortiz News
Saturday saw the third part of HBO's 24/7 mini series focusing on the upcoming September 17th WBO welterweight title bout between Floyd Mayweather and Victor Ortiz, and once more the former was in rare form when it came to trash talking his opponent.

He began by attacking Ortiz for overplaying his rough upbringing, saying:

"I got some sh*t on my mind. I'm tired of hearing about that motherf***ing storyline. Well you know my dad left me, my mom left me, man sh*t black parents leave all the time, every black you know raised theyself sh*t. Man get the f**k outta here you punk"

Ortiz was then briefly seen receiving a massage from a male masseuse from the previous episode, which Mayweather seemed greatly amused by:

"Motherf***er got a man rubbing on him. A man massaging him. He said he wants a strong black man massaging him. Gimme the strongest black man you got to massage me."

"Im'a show you how our massage therapist looks who works for our company, bad. Everything we do is bad, if I take this sh*t right now It's going to be bad"

De La Hoya a hoe flat up he gay and he a hoe, Victor Ortiz a hoe too, he let a man massage him and the other one wearing fish nets. And then he gonna talk about he look at him like a god, are you fu**ing serious"

Golden Boy Promotions founder and one time Mayweather opponent Oscar De La Hoya has backed Ortiz to beat Mayweather, much the same as he did with Juan Manuel Marquez, Ricky Hatton and Shane Mosley.

Why Mayweather has seemingly taken offense this time around remains a mystery. If anything given De La Hoya's record of picking the winner of fights, Mayweather should perhaps be grateful his former opponent isn't picking him to win.

It should also perhaps be noted that while he was indeed dressed in fishnets, Oscar De La Hoya was cavorting with a female stripper and presumably isn't gay as Mayweather alleges.

Also on offer in this weeks episode, Mayweather for no discernible reason swaps a Bentley for a Rolls Royce, pays the difference in cash, and has an in house concert from reality TV star and singer Ray J.

The reason for Mayweather's larger than life antics though can to an extend be put down to Ortiz's lack of them.

Instead of the vulgar displays of wealth and offensive ranting, Ortiz was seen in Saturday's episode meeting fans and attending charity events, and later taking a fishing trip with his trainer. The champion also added a smattering of generic sounding quotes about his opponent and what it means to be a champion and a role model.

Nice enough in and of itself but not the kind of thing that will get anyone talking about the fight. Mayweather's rants, if not necessarily for the right reasons, get people talking.

James King, Pitt: "Mayweather might be an idiot but at least he's sometimes funny, Ortiz is too serious for 24/7"


Thursday, September 8, 2011

Former foe Zab Judah feeling an early knockout for Mayweather over Ortiz

Mayweather vs Ortiz, Mayweather vs Ortiz free Online Coverage, Mayweather vs Ortiz Live Streaming, Mayweather vs Ortiz News
There has been a definite buzz in the sport of boxing ever since Floyd Mayweather Jr. announced his forthcoming fight with Victor Ortiz. Mayweather will look to snatch the WBC welterweight crown from the 24-year old champion on September 17th inside of the MGM Grand in Las Vegas in one of 2011’s biggest events.

At as Mayweather trains at his personal boxing gym just a few miles from the strip, some notable luminaries have stopped by to pay him a visit, including legendary DJ Clue, artists Flo Rida, Pleasure P, and Ray J, and fellow pugilists Andre Ward and former champion Zab Judah.

A little over five years ago, Judah and Mayweather used to have serious disdain for one another, dating back to an alleged sparring session between the two that had got out of hand. They settled their differences inside of the ring in April of 2006, with Floyd surviving a strong start before taking control and securing a comfortable decision.

A small riot would ensue in the tenth round of that bout after Floyd’s Uncle and trainer Roger Mayweather took to the ring to confront Judah, who moments earlier had cracked his nephew with illegal shots to the groin and behind the head. But time heals all wounds and there are no hard feelings from either side, with Judah paying Floyd a visit on numerous occasions during his training in this particular camp.

Judah is less than a few months removed from a disappointing 5th round TKO loss to Amir Khan, a fight that saw him relinquish the IBF belt he had regained just months prior. Often one of the more vocal characters in the sport, Judah had a much more somber tone when I spoke with him last month but insists he will fight on.

For now Judah seems content just watching his buddy Floyd prepare rigorously and even feels a stoppage victory isn’t out of the question.

“My boy Floyd Mayweather is look real good. I’m thinking we [are] going to see a knockout, early!” stated Judah via his personal Twitter account earlier this week.

As for his personal future, Judah had mentioned that he was interested in luring Oscar De La Hoya out of retirement.


Wednesday, August 31, 2011

"STAR POWER: Mayweather vs. Ortiz" At The Intersection Of The Boxing Biz And Show Biz

Mayweather vs Ortiz, Mayweather vs Ortiz free Online Coverage, Mayweather vs Ortiz Live Streaming, Mayweather vs Ortiz News
Las Vegas (August 31) - As we near the September 17 mega-event "STAR POWER: Mayweather vs. Ortiz" emanating from both the boxing capital of the world, Las Vegas, and the celebrity capital of the world, Los Angeles, the connection between the squared circle and the silver screen comes even more into focus. This fight card is called "STAR POWER" and the eight fighters featured on the HBO Pay-Per-View® televised event carry on the proud tradition of fighters rubbing elbows with Hollywood's elite, romancing stunning starlets and flashing smiles that can make female fans' knees buckle.

Atop the bill is Mayweather, who rocketed to A-list celebrity status when he competed on ABC's Dancing With The Stars in 2007. Claiming rapper and actor 50 Cent as one of his closest friends, Mayweather's fights regular draw ringside observers that include the likes of big name stars such as Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, Jay-Z and Beyonce, Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez, Sean Puffy Combs, Denzel Washington as well as top dollar athletes in Tiger Woods, David Beckham, Magic Johnson and Charles Barkley. You name them, he pulls them.

Headlining the L.A. portion of the show is Canelo Alvarez, who was at one time engaged to model/actress/sports reporter Marisol Gonzalez. Alvarez's opponent is Alfonso Gomez who rose to fame with Sylvester Stallone and Sugar Ray Leonard by his side on the inaugural season of NBC's The Contender and, playing in the hip-hop/rock band Hy3rid, has straddled the fence between boxing and the entertainment industry ever since.

Canelo brings the added element of pop-idol-like appeal among female fight fans; crossing over to sex symbol status like no boxer has since Oscar De La Hoya (who just happens to be the promoter of "STAR POWER"). Once in a generation, if that, a fighter comes along who makes the girls shriek like something out of Beatles concert. Alvarez possesses that quality.

However, Canelo is far from the only fighter on this card with a fan base that includes the fairer sex. Mayweather's sparkling smile has caught the eye of the ladies since he rose to fame in his late teens, Ortiz has drawn comparisons to De La Hoya himself because of his good looks and the fighters who will open the pay-per-view broadcast, Jessie Vargas and Josesito Lopez, both have Latino heartthrob potential.

Any of these fighters might look natural with starlets on their arms, which would mean they'd be carrying on a proud tradition that goes all the way back to 19th century heavyweight champion John L. Sullivan, who famously dated voluptuous chorus girl Ann Livingston. Other heavyweight champs made it more official: Jack Dempsey married movie star Estelle Taylor, Max Schmeling wed actress Anny Ondra and more recently, Mike Tyson was briefly, and tempestuously, married to actress Robin Givens. The latest boxing/Hollywood heavyweight couple featured Wladimir Klitschko and Heroes star Hayden Panettiere, who ended their two-year relationship just a few months ago.

Such romances aren't limited only to the heavyweight fighters. Two of the most notable boxer-celebrity unions in history involved middleweight champs: Marcel Cerdan with French singer and cultural icon Edith Piaf and Gorilla Jones with actress and sex symbol Mae West.

For all of the star fighters who've romanced in Hollywood circles, countless more have "bromanced" in those circles. Former light heavyweight champ Jose Torres was best friends with Ryan O'Neal (who starred in the 1979 boxing movie The Main Event). Sugar Ray Leonard palled around with many of Hollywood's heavy hitters and famously told Michael J. Fox, before anyone else, that he intended to come out of retirement and fight Marvin Hagler. Tyson is now an actor of sorts himself, appearing in The Hangover and The Hangover 2, but long before that, he ran with many of the biggest names in television, film and music. In fact, his friendship with Tupac Shakur was the subject of a 2010 documentary entitled One Night In Vegas.

The connections between the worlds of boxing and entertainment are numerous, and they will be on display again when "STAR POWER" spans the distance from Las Vegas to Los Angeles. Many of Tinseltown's top draws will be seated ringside at both MGM Grand and STAPLES Center. So much so that the ring announcers at the venues will likely spend as much time introducing the celebrities as they do the fighters.

HBO analyst Larry Merchant has famously referred to boxing as "the theater of the unexpected." What is not unexpected is that boxing will provide great theater, and attract the most famous names and faces from the celebrity world.

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