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Friday, July 8, 2011

Pacquiao vs. Mayweather: Sweet Poetic Science

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Pacquiao Mayweather

Ultimate Pugilistic Supremacy

Olympic Style Drug Testing


* * * * * * *

Good versus evil; Offense versus defense.

Pacquiao rocks his Nikes to rock and scramble his adversaries,

Mayweather dances on his Reeboks to rock his opponents' psyches- like a lullaby to sleep.

You get frustrated, tired of it, sequentially submit.

One is a crowd pleaser, the other more like a teaser,

Except for the connoisseurs- or those who pretend to be such.

A hero of the masses, a people's champion whose plight is to bring honor to his country;

A villain, anti-hero, who patronizes his riches and a master of self promotion.

Pacquiao is every much offensive as Mayweather is defensive.

Mayweather is very much offensive as Pacquiao is unabrasive.

One is reflective and deflects all glory to his faith, while the other battles his demons and wonders further greatness if he was born another race.

The braggart versus the humble warrior.

Humility versus embracing and yearning for celebrity.

So much difference yet in ways the same.

And you can start by recognizing their status as the clear cut cream of the crop simply on top of the game.

As one is being chased by all, the other gives chase. Two egos battling for a bigger piece of the pie, longing to be considered as the one true great.

Boxing has been lingering in mediocrity for quite some time now.

Promoters have done quite a job selling us fights and selling us hype.

This one however needs no selling.

This one is the reason the gods created boxing.

Don't take it from us, we deserve to see greatness.

Just like how our ancestors and aging boxing scribes tell us of Frazier and Ali of Golden times,

This is our chance to have something to tell our children that back in our time, we truly witnessed a spectacle of that special kind.

For once, let it not be about the fighters. Let it not be about the sport and the money to be made by it's promoters.

"Boxing", YOU owe us this much for sticking with you when many have said you've been dead for a long time.

If not now, when? Let this not be a tragedy of greed like Jones and Hopkins.

To put it succinctly, make Pacquiao vs. Mayweather happen.


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