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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Beautiful dreamer Vicious Victor Ortiz aims far beyond Floyd Mayweather Jr.

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“He's got that beautiful mouth of his that never stops.”

That was Vicious Victor Ortiz, speaking Wednesday on a media conference call, and answering a question as to whether he watched both his and Floyd Mayweather's portions of the HBO 24/7 program which first aired Saturday night.

Naturally, people were wondering whether Ortiz, who was abandoned by both his mother and father, saw the X-rated verbal bashing of Floyd Sr. by his undefeated son.

All I can say is, that if WBC welterweight champ Ortiz can duck and dodge Mayweather's shots the way he avoided directly answering this inquiry, he will do well in the ring in Las Vegas against Mr. Forty One And Zero on Sept. 17.

The final answer was no, he didn't watch Floyd's diatribe in which Mayweather called his father “a cab driver” as a pro boxer and “a bum” as a trainer.

But what made it thought-provoking was the different ways the brash, 24 year old, looking at a $2.5 million paynight and essentially with nothing to lose except his green and gold title belt, responded.

Skipping the Mayweather segment, Ortiz said, allowed him to avoid “negative stuff coming my way.”

Instead of watching Mayweather's flapping lips, the conqueror of then unbeaten Andre Berto said, he “enjoyed my day...watched the sun set...was outside lounging...looking at some big waves.”

Then, Ortiz tossed in some humor to his stream of consciousness on the topic.

“After ending the (Mayweather's 41-0 mark) streak, it's on my to do list,” Ortiz said.

“Me, I don't care...Floyd who?”

"I don't think he is as good as he thinks he is or how good you guys think he is. He is just a careful boxer."

Make no mistake, Ortiz is very much a mental fighter. If he needed a cerebreal boost to shock Berto, he got it when Berto repeatedly demeaned him including when they were face to face.

Ortiz comes across as a fighter who has to tear down his opponent in order to build himself to a maximum effort, something like Muhammad Ali, who denounced foes before a bout and then overpraised them afterwards.

Journalists keep running at the same question in different ways and that was why will Ortiz be the magic man who can do what Mayweather's previous foes could not.

I liked Ortiz's glib answers.

“Those 41 other fighters (actually 40 since Floyd fought Jose Luis Castillo twice), well, none of them were me,” Ortiz said. “So someone is in trouble.”

Giving emotional support to Ortiz's grandiose dream was promoter Oscar de la Hoya. He couldn't beat Mayweather but he stated the obvious, that he thinks that his Golden Boy wunderkind will accomplish the mighty feat.

“Victor is a smart guy, he is going to do what he has to do to win the fight,” de la Hoya said. “Put it this way, there is no doubt in my mind that he is going to win.

“He's got 24 year old legs...he moves like a cat....people will be very shocked.”

As for his situation, having struck it moderately rich and standing on the verge of becoming a millionaire after being dumped by his parents, that was summed up by Ortiz when he spoke to a hometown reporter from Garden City, Kansas, where he survived some rough years.

Ortiz was talking about HBO 24/7 footage which showed scenes from the place where he lived before relocating to Oxnard and then to Ventura on the Southern California coast.

“I walked around home (dreaming of) a better tomorrow...It's all kind of nuts, it is all kind of unreal.”

To hear Ortiz tell it, his whipping of Mayweather will just be the beginning of major accomplishments in the ring.

“I will go on,” Ortiz said, “to taking over the division, then taking over the world.”

World domination.

That's what Ortiz is shooting for.

Shocking Mayweather, shocking the world, that's just one battle.

Mayweather's got that mouth that never stops.

Vicious Victor Ortiz has that beautiful optimism that never stops.

You know what, this kid has earned it, cockeyed or not.

Only one thing really seems impossible and that is rooting against this beautiful dreamer.


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