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Friday, August 19, 2011

“He doesn’t scare me at all. Mayweather’s going down” – Victor Ortiz

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On Thursday rumors hit the net that WBC welterweight champion Victor Ortiz was the victim of a back injury, one that caused him to momentarily break his training preparation for his September 17th date against Floyd Mayweather Jr. But Ortiz was quick to point out that he had nothing more than a little bit of pain in his back and that he simply took the day off of training after being told to do so by his trainer Danny Garcia.

Speaking to’s Lem Satterfield, Ortiz is was adamant that he was simply looking for a small break after having pushed his body so hard for nearly eight weeks already.

"I was a little sore, but that just comes with the territory, man,” Ortiz told Satterfield. “After two months in training camp, I don't think that anybody's body is up to par, especially in one training session. The only thing is that coach Danny Garcia, I just told him that I was kind of fatigued and tired. I think that just taking one day to get a massage and everything and to be pampered for a day doesn't hurt anyone."

By the time the fight rolls around, Ortiz will have put in likely the hardest camp of his career for what figures to be his stiffest test as a professional. He is an 8-1 underdog heading into his date against Mayweather, set to take place at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada, yet he has been speaking with high confidence throughout the buildup of the fight.

"I've been in training camp for the past two months already because I realize that fighting Floyd Mayweather is a big fight. But he don't scare me at all. Not for a second. So, yeah, I took my day off and today is another day of training. So as far as that goes, nothing's changed. Nothing's going on and Mayweather's going down,” Ortiz stated boldly.

There hasn’t been as much news coming from Ortiz’s camp as compared to Floyd’s but the 24-year old is scheduled for an open media workout on Tuesday, August 30th in Venture, California.


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