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Monday, August 29, 2011

Floyd Mayweather Jr. goes a little too far

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Last night on HBO, 24/7 the build up award winning show for Victor Ortiz vs. Floyd Mayweather Jr. ran it’s first episode. The episode showed the struggle that Victor Ortiz and family had to face while growing up. It’s bad enough when one parent walks out of your life, but in this case both parents walked out of Victor and his siblings life. These kids were straight up abandoned.

One can not help but to feel that a lot of Ortiz’s fire in the ring is mainly fueled by what occured to him and his siblings. But if you ask Victor about that past now, Victor will look you dead in the face and lock into you and tell you that it’s made him and his siblings stronger, Much stronger. Here we have a kid who like any other kid just wanted to have a normal life that consists of having a mother and a father around, usually in most households these days, kids only get one. Victor and his brother and sister had none. His opponent on the other hand, had both. Sure his father may have been locked up for a few years as lil Floyd was trying to find himself, but the reality of it all is that Floyd Sr. still tried to get back into his sons life. You can’t blame a man for trying.

Now many defenders will go on and say that we are on the outside looking in so we do not have the entire scoop on what it really is like in Floyd Jr. and Sr.’s relationship. That is very true, but on the flipside of that, there is a time and place for everything. No family is perfect, heck I myself have gotten into arguments against my own mother, father, brother, and sisters, but I never have or will take it to the level that Floyd Jr. took it to last night. You can hear the pain in Floyd Sr.’s voice as it cracked from time to time last night, it was wrong for Floyd Jr. or anyone to go there with their own mother and father. Especially towards your father the man responsible for teaching you everything that you know in the profession in which you chose. Or maybe this profession chose you, whatever the case it was very, very wrong. One could only imagine the level that Jr. would have taken it to had the cameras not been rolling. Ouch..

Floyd’s followers will say that Floyd is keeping it real, that the man is just trying to get us all talking, to sell tickets, to make a more hated villain out of himself. Well if you buy that then I have a piece of real estate land in the middle of the desert that has perfect weather year round the temperature stays at about 80 degrees that I would like to sell to you. Come on man, don’t sell out for the sake of selling out.


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