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Friday, August 19, 2011

Floyd Mayweather continues to cast aspersions over Manny Pacquiao's success

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Undefeated pound for pound great Floyd Mayweather, currently preparing for his September 17th bout with WBC welterweight champion Victor Ortiz, has never been one to shy away from speaking his mind.

So much so in fact that Mayweather's freely shared opinions have landed him in trouble several times in the past, one of the more recent being the ongoing defamation lawsuit brought against him by fellow fighter Manny Pacquiao.

The suit alleges that Mayweather's repeatedly voiced suspicions over Pacquiao's use of performance enhancing drugs has damaged the Filipino's image.

With that obviously not in mind, speaking from his Las Vegas gym on August 17th, according to the LA Times, Mayweather said:

I don't care how much money is negotiated...Look at how these guys end up punch-drunk in this sport. I'm sorry, but all of a sudden a guy at 25 becomes a great fighter? I want to be on a level playing field with this guy. We're fighting at the highest level, talking about the biggest fight ever. You should have the greatest testing too.

The fighter he is referring to is of course Manny Pacquiao.

His comment about Pacquiao becoming a great fighter after the age of 25 however seems a little misguided, not to mention probably unwise in regards to the defamation case.

By the age of 25 Pacquiao was already a two weight world champion, and had beaten Marco Antonio Barrera for the first time.

He had also put on around 19lbs since his debut by this time. From then to his weight today of around 145lbs Pacquiao has gained another 20lbs, and in a similar time frame.

Pacquiao's success before and after the age of 25 non-withstanding, Mayweather is well within his rights to demand extra testing should be believe it necessary, just as Pacquiao has the right to either agree or refuse.


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While Mayweather isn't shy about sharing his suspicions in public however, he apparently isn't so keen on standing by them in the courts.

To date he has refused no less than 24 court dates proposed by Pacquiao's lawyer Daniel Petrocelli.

The reason Mayweather gave for not being able to make the dates was that he is currently in training for his September 17th bout with Victor Ortiz. While this might be partially true, Mayweather has also been pictured attending parties at several nightclubs during the same time period.

This being the case, it would seem the last thing he should be doing is continuing to mention what he thinks of Pacquiao's success.

The fact that Mayweather seemingly refuses to engage Pacquiao in the courts also seems to suggest that as long as the lawsuit stands, any potential fight between the pair is going to be very difficult to make.

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